Nurith Galonsky: Public Safety is a Top Priority

On Wednesday, April 3rd, I was invited to participate in the candidate forum hosted by the Brownsville Police Officers Association. Obviously, the Brownsville Police Department has a lot to gain (or lose) depending on the candidates that are elected to the city commission. Our willingness and ability to work with local law enforcement agencies can go a long way to create a safer Brownsville for all.

Toward the end of January, I had the privilege of participating in a police ride along as the officer patrolled the streets in District 1. The experience gave me a glimpse at what police officers in Brownsville do everyday.  To put it succinctly, my hat is off to the Brownsville PD.

On February 22nd, I spent the day with the Brownsville Fire & Rescue Department.  Just an hour before my arrival, they had responded to a multiple car accident that resulted in one fatality.  Witnessing such aftermath was eye opening.  There are so many details to take care of after each accident, and when the accident involves a fatality it affects responders both physically and emotionally.

Needless to say, I have the utmost respect for our Police Department and our Fire & Rescue Department.  I have seen nothing but professionalism and a sincere desire to keep Brownsville citizens safe despite a growing population and limited resources.

Sometimes, citizens may have negative encounters with law enforcement agents.  As your City Commissioner, I will prioritize the customer experience and promote community policing. By focusing on these two strategies, I am confident that we can improve everyone’s experiences with the Brownsville PD and Brownsville Fire & Rescue.

We must all recognize one reality: there will always be budget constraints and, as a result, we all have to prioritize our needs.  As your City Commissioner, I will support whatever makes our public safety departments more effective and efficient. I will also do my part to help maintain their reputations among the finest Police Department and Fire & Rescue Department in the country.

We must remember that police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders sacrifice every day for us.

If elected as District 1 City Commissioner, I will do everything in my power to advance the relationship between Brownsville PD, the Brownsville Fire & Rescue Department, and the communities I am entrusted to guide. I am determined to make Brownsville the safest border town.  Working together with other community leaders and you, the citizens, I fully believe anything is possible.

Unidos por un mejor Brownsville.


Early Voting: April 22 – 30th

Election Day: May 4th


District 1 is ready for a change. I am ready to lead the way.