BPUB member & GBIC Board member


Nurith Galonsky sees the world of Brownsville politics through fresh eyes. Not that she’s unfamiliar with serving as a leader though. As a current Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) member and a former Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) Board member, Nurith has many meaningful years of experience serving the city and its citizens.


The child of immigrants, Nurith learned the value of hard work, community, and honesty, early in life. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Brownsville, Nurith attended St. Joseph Academy before obtaining her undergraduate degree at prestigious Stanford University. She would then go on to pursue her Juris Doctor (law degree) at Southern Methodist University before completing her MBA at the University of Texas – Austin.

In the following years, Nurith would come to serve as an assistant district attorney for Dallas County where she represented the Child Protective Services agency.

In 2012, Nurith returned to Brownsville with a desire and commitment to help improve the community she calls home. Since returning, Nurith has effectively served as a board member for the GBIC for one year and BPUB for five years, including two as chairwoman.

During her tenure on the BPUB board, Nurith has been instrumental in helping the organization with but not limited to:

  • Securing federal monies for resaca restoration in Brownsville.
  • Voting to move toward cleaner, more efficient energy sources such as wind power.
  • Reducing sewage odors coming from the South Waste Water Treatment Facility.
  • Starting the process to replace the Southmost Water tower with a new system that will hold double the capacity.
  • Earmarking funds for infrastructure improvements.

Nurith’s involvement in these local organizations has helped her to develop a clear understanding of how city government works while also allowing her to witness first hand the importance of participating in local politics.

That’s why Nurith has decided to run for Brownsville City Commissioner of District 1. She believes that the communities and people of District 1 have been ignored for far too long. Her goals are to improve the quality of life for residents of the area by not only focusing on improving job opportunities and overall economic vitality but by also being mindful of the little details. From repairing local parks and recreational centers to improving community relations with local law enforcement agencies, Nurith hopes to represent District 1 with a strong voice.

As a successful lawyer and businesswoman, Nurith understands the importance of organization and follow-through. The current Commissioner of District 1 has held his position for 16 years, the community is ready for a fresh start. Things are changing in Brownsville, and Nurith has the energy, passion, and vision to take District 1 into a prosperous new future.

Residents of District 1 do have a voice. What happens in your community matters. There is a candidate who truly cares about you.

On May 4th, vote for change.

Vote for a better tomorrow. Vote for Nurith Galonsky.

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Divestment of Oklaunion

parties’ agreement


Voted to support programs like “All In”

11 December, 2018

Replacement of Southmost Water Tower

In 2018, BPUB tore down the water tower along Southmost.

Resaca Restoration