There is a new day shining on District 1 and Nurith Galonsky is leading the way. She’s ready to work hard for all the citizens in these amazing communities so that they can have a better tomorrow. Together we can make a better Brownsville.


  • Fight for the rights of District 1 constituents to have their voice matter in all city dealings.
  • Maintain an open-door policy.
  • Push hard for improvements to District 1 infrastructure.
  • Make public safety and security a priority in District 1.
  • Improve our shared municipal grounds by working to eliminate pollution, trash, and other forms of urban blight.
  • Work with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to make District 1 safer for all residents and visitors.
  • Make efforts to improve the district’s business sector.
  • Make efforts to improve the local economy and improve relationships with the business community.
  • Help to build strong relationships between businesses and local ISDs.
  • Advocate for an improved quality of life for all District 1 residents.
  • Support the working families of District 1.
  • Invest in the community.
  • Protect voting rights.
  • Remain honest, humble, and wholly representative of the people of District 1.
  • Participate in community events and improve on all aspects that might affect constituents.

If elected, Nurith will continue to build on her successes as a board member with both the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) and Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC).

BPUB Accomplishments

Resaca Restoration

By going to Washington, DC, and developing a good relationship with our US Rep, Filemon Vela, and our 2 US Senators (John Cornyn and Ted Cruz), BPUB has been put in a queue to receive federal monies for resaca restoration.

Divestment of Oklaunion

BPUB owns a minority share in the Oklaunion plant, which is not very efficient, and costly to maintain and operate. In the fall of 2018, BPUB entered into an agreement with AEP, the largest shareholder of Oklaunion, to close the coal plant in 2020. This will allow BPUB to instead invest in a cleaner, more efficient energy source. As a result of the parties’ agreement, at the December 10, 2018, meeting, the BPUB Board voted on an MOU to transfer $2.25M directly to the City by January 15, 2019.

Reduced Sewage Odors Coming From South Waste Water Treatment Facility

Involved in the vote to implement a new process to reduce the smell coming from both of BPUB’s Waste Water Treatment Facilities and various lift stations around Brownsville.

Replacement of Southmost Water Tower

In 2018, BPUB tore down the water tower along Southmost. A double capacity water tower will take its place.

New Fleet Yard on 511, Remodeling of Existing Building on Robin Hood Ln and Building an Annex to the Existing Building

By moving the fleet yard to 511 there will be more room to improve and expand the existing administrative building, thereby improving customer service and employees’ work environment.

GBIC Accomplishments

Voted to Support Programs like “All In”

This program helps college students get paid internships with local employers. Students can earn money and get valuable work experience while employers have an opportunity to get to know soon-to-be graduates they can eventually hire full-time.

Acted as a Member of the GBIC Performance Review Committee

Evaluated the benefits of the service agreement between GBIC and BEDC. Suggested changes to improve GBIC’s return on investment.

Voted to Hire TIP Strategies

These economic development experts helped to create a strategic plan for GBIC.

Voted Yes to Give Job Creation Incentives

Voted yes to provide infrastructure incentives to Greyhound in April of 2018. The company is located in District 1 and helps to provide employment opportunities for many residents of the area.

Was Selected to Sit on the City Manager Search Committee

A Bright And Better Future Awaits District 1.

Vote Nurith Galonksy for City Commissioner District 1 on May 4th.